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  • Allan Matsov

    partner, project manager

    Estonian, English, Russian
    +372 516 7597

    Allan’s vast knowledge of and experiences with offset printing, binding, personalized print materials, security printing and multimedia brochures guarantee quick service, thorough answers and a high-quality outcome.

  • Dmitri Antonov

    project manager

    Estonian, English, Russian
    +372 554 6031

    Dmitri’s long-term experiences in offset printing, bound products and security printing guarantees that you’ll always get thorough answers and high-quality solutions from him.

  • Indrek Mäe

    partner, project manager

    Estonian, English, Finnish
    +372 508 8150

    Indrek’s extensive experiences in foreign media, rollers, assembly
and direct mail guarantee high-quality products and client satisfaction.

  • Kristiina Kiis

    project manager

    Estonian, English
    +372 523 0515 

    Kristiina has print-related experiences with foreign media and museums. In addition, she is currently avidly studying other print and production technologies.

  • Jana Antonova

    project manager

    Estonian, English, Russian
    +372 5595 2058

    Jana specializes in digital technologies, illuminated advertising,
POS materials and indoor/outdoor installation, which allows her to create
truly eye-catching and efficient solutions.

  • Eero Pank

    partner, project manager

    +372 501 2522

    Eero’s knowledge of and skill in handling classic printing technologies,
boxes, packages, logistics and storing provide a guarantee both to the
producer and client that their print materials are in safe hands.

  • Anna Sotnikova

    project manager

    Estonian, Russian
    +372 5560 5872

    Anna is the newest and youngest member of our team. Her skills of printing and installing POS materials are amazing. Her dedication to organising campaigns is also noteworthy. It ensures quality—materials are printed, assembled and delivered on time.

  • Siiri Pank

    accountant, project manager

    Estonian, English, Russian
    +372 528 0244

    Siiri’s primary strength is numbers and her main focus is on accounting. Owing to the fact that she is a long-term member of the Ellington team, and precise and diligent by nature, she is also a great project manager who can successfully manage both big and small production projects.